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School faculty and staff are listed below with the grade level and/or position held.  If the staff member has a website, the link will be listed to the right.
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NameEmailGrade and/or PositionWebsite
NameEmailGrade and/or PositionWebsite
Amber Jordan ajordan@burke.k12.nc.us Title One Teacher  
Amber Vinson avinson@burke.k12.nc.us PE Teacher  
Amy Halford ahalford@burke.k12.nc.us Speech   
Amy Olsen aolsen@burke.k12.nc.us Pre-K Teacher Assistant  
Anna Koon akoon@burke.k12.nc.us Second Grade Teacher  
Carol Deel corr@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Teacher Assistant  
Caroline Howard carolinehoward@burke.k12.nc.us Principal   
Cassidy Owens cassidyowens@burke.k12.nc.us DayCare Director  
Christopher Pierce  christopherpierce@burke.k12.nc.us Music Teacher  
CJ Shuffler  cshuffler@burke.k12.nc.us Guidance  
Connie Price cprice@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Teacher  
Gina Hill ghill@burke.k12.nc.us Pre-K Teacher   
Jessica Revilla jrevilla@burke.k12.nc.us Fifth Grade Teacher  
Jessie Gravel jessicagravel@burke.k12.nc.us Assistant Principal   
Jill Goforth jgoforth@burke.k12.nc.us First Grade Teacher  
Karin Whisnant kwhisnant@burke.k12.nc.us EC Teacher  
Kasey Whisnant kaseywhisnant@burke.k12.nc.us First Grade Teacher  
Kayla McCall kaylamccall@burke.k12.nc.us Second Grade Teacher  
Kim Holland kholland@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Teacher  
Kristen Lor klor@burke.k12.nc.us Third Grade Teacher  
Kylee Coleman kyleecoleman@burke.k12.nc.us Data Manager   
Laura Ford lauraford@burke.k12.nc.us Third Grade Teacher  
Laura Kauffman lkauffma@burke.k12.nc.us Fourth Grade Teacher  
Leann Pearson lpearson@burke.k12.nc.us Pre-K Teacher  
Lindsay Leonhardt lleonhardt@burke.k12.nc.us Secretary   
Lisa McKee lmckee@burke.k12.nc.us Fourth Grade Teacher  
Lori Osborne losborne@burke.k12.nc.us Fifth Grade Teacher  
Melia Waters mwaters@burke.k12.nc.us Third Grade Teacher  
Michelle McCurry mmccurry@burke.k12.nc.us Fourth Grade Teacher  
Michelle Ollis mwyatt@burke.k12.nc.uc EC Teacher  
Misty Buchanan mnbuchanan@burke.k12.nc.us Pre-K Teacher Assistant  
Myranda Lewis myrandalewis@burke.k12.nc.us Fifth Grade Teacher  
Nicole Self nself@burke.k12.nc.us Pre-K Teacher Assistant  
Pam Gardin pgardin@burke.k12.nc.us Cafeteria Manager   
Rebecca Glover rmglover@burke.k12.nc.us Media Coordinator  
Regina King rking@burke.k12.nc.us ELL Teacher  
Renee Brittian abrittian@burke.k12.nc.us Second Grade Teacher  
Rhonda Hensley rhensley@burke.k12.nc.us EC Teacher  
Rita Morrill rmorrill@burke.k12.nc.us Head Custodian  
Sandy Bishop sbishop@burke.k12.nc.us Kindergarten Teacher Assistant  
Selena Parker sparker@burke.k12.nc.us First Grade Teacher  
Tracy Wright twright@burke.k12.nc.us Pre-K Teacher Assistant  
Showing 42 items