Glen Alpine Elementary
Jennifer Hawkins, Principal

    A Freedom High School graduate, Jennifer Caraway Hawkins was born and grew up in Burke County.  During her Junior year at Freedom High School, she met her future husband, Eric Hawkins.  They married after she graduated from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro with a Bachelor of Science in Education.  Currently, the Hawkins live in the Oak Hill community and have three children; Zach, Kaleb, and Erica.  

    Before becoming a principal, Mrs. Hawkins taught for 2 years 8th grade Science at East Burke Middle School and for 7 years Chemistry at Freedom High School.  As a North Carolina Principal Fellow, she graduated from Appalachian State University in 2002 with a Masters degree in School Administration.  

    After graduating from ASU, she was an assistant principal at several schools in Burke County (WAYE, EBHS, EBMS, HMS, and FHS) finally landing her first principalship at W.A. Young Elementary.  She was the principal at Mountain View Elementary when it consolidated with Hillcrest Elementary to become Mountain Crest Elementary.

    The last three years, she has enjoyed serving the Glen Alpine community as their principal.  Her goals have been to maintain the high level of excellence established at GA and their rich traditions and heritage and to stay focused on learning and meeting the needs of every child through the integration of technology and 21st Century instructional resources.

    As a member of the North Carolina Distinguished Leaders in Practice for Digital Learning Cohort, she actively explores the best practices available today to differentiate and individualize learning to ensure the academic success of every child.  Passing this training down to the Glen Alpine Staff and encouraging them to participate in similar staff development opportunity is part of her daily mission.  Glen Alpine Elementary will soon be completely a 1:1 learning environment with every child having the opportunity to learn on a digital device daily.  Though she knows that maintaining some of our successful heritage educational practice is important, she believes it is even more important to prepare the children for their futures in a global, technology-driven competitive economy and this will require changes in our current instructional practices.     

    Modeling the importance of being a life-time learner and teacher, Mrs. Hawkins is a Sunday School teacher at Gibbs Chapel Wesleyan Church and hopes to receive her Doctorate in Education in the future.  On the weekends, she enjoys hiking, reading, and spending time with her family.